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+ Inessa Vike

Originally from Belarus, we arrived in the U.S. when we were just two years old. We are proud to call New York our home base, where we both live and work.

In 2017, we graduated from Baruch College, each of us earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. While embarking on our respective finance careers, our unwavering passion for beauty continued to burn brightly. With a profound interest in makeup and all things related to beauty, we embarked on a shared journey approximately five years ago when we launched a collaborative Instagram page @theviketwins. This platform allowed us to share our expertise through makeup and hair video tutorials, providing our followers with invaluable beauty tips and tricks.

"We've always believed in the magic of growth, in nurturing something from its infancy and watching it flourish. It's about curating content that not only resonates with us but also brings genuine happiness," we consistently emphasized.

On June 26, 2018, we took a pivotal step towards realizing our dreams by establishing our beauty company, VIKE Beauty. Our love for travel knows no bounds. We crisscross the globe in search of the finest ingredients, the chance to connect with influential figures we admire, and the opportunity to elevate VIKE Beauty into a worldwide beauty empire.

Join us on our extraordinary journey as we continue to create, inspire, and make the world more beautiful, one step at a time. 💄✈️🌍🌟

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